How to Fix The CVE-2021–40847? List of Netgear Routers Affected With The Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

List of Netgear Routers Affected With CVE-2021–40847 The Remote Code Execution Vulnerability:

  • R6400v2–
  • R6700–
  • R6700v3–
  • R6900–
  • R6900P —
  • R7000–
  • R7000P —
  • R7850–
  • R7900–
  • R8000–
  • RS400–

What is CVE-2021–40847:

What are the implications of CVE-2021–40847?

How Attackers Abuse CVE-2021–40847 to enter Enterprise network?

  1. At first, attackers will launch reconnaissance attacks to find information like ISP, device model, version information.
  2. The attacker then may do phishing based on the information gathered during the first reconnaissance attacks.
  3. Then the attacker will try to join the network of the victim and compromise the router.
  4. Attackers use the compromised routers as part of a other attack chains. Example they can use the routers to connect to the corporate network for further exploitation.

How to Fix CVE-2021–40847?

  1. Visit the NETGEAR Support portal.
  2. Type your model number in the search box, then select your model from the drop-down menu as soon as it appears.
  3. Click Downloads.
  4. Under Current Versions, select the first download whose title begins with Firmware Version.
  5. Click Release Notes.
  6. Follow the instructions written in the firmware release notes to download and install the new firmware.
  • Create a strong and unique password:
  • Enable network encryption:
  • Filter the MAC addresses:
  • Reducing the wireless signal range:
  • Upgrade the router’s firmware:
  • Make use of guest network:




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We are here to create awareness about cyber security.

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