How To Identify Log4j Vulnerable Assets In Nessus?

About Log4j Vulnerability

  1. A Critical 0-day Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Log4j Logging Library (CVE-2021–44228) allows attackers to carry out unauthenticated, remote code execution attacks.
  2. A new vulnerability (CVE-2021–45046) Log4j library allows attackers to perform denial of service (DOS) attacks by crafting malicious input data using a JNDI Lookup pattern.
  3. CVE-2021–45105 was discovered as the third vulnerability within the month that allows attackers to perform Denial of Service due to infinite recursion in lookup evaluation.
  4. Now the latest discloser is that the Log4j is affected by CVE-2021–44832- A Remote Code Execution Vulnerability which is fixed in v2.17.1.

Identify The Log4j Vulnerable Assets In Nessus

How To configure Log4j template In Nessus?

  1. Advanced Scan Template
  2. Advanced Dynamic Scan Template
  1. Creating A Policy




We are here to create awareness about cyber security.

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We are here to create awareness about cyber security.

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