How To Prevent Your Apple Device From DoorLock Vulnerability?

What Is Apple HomeKit?

What Is DoorLock Vulnerability?

According To Trevor Spiniolas, The Security Researcher Who Publicly Disclosed The Vulnerability.

  1. “If the bug is triggered on a version of iOS without the limit and the device shares HomeKit data with a device on an iOS version with the limit, both will be still be affected.
  2. If a user does not have any Home devices added, the bug can still be triggered by accepting an invitation to a Home that contains a HomeKit device with a large string as its name.
  3. The bug can also be triggered on versions without the length limit by simply copying a large string of text and pasting it when manually renaming a Home device, although the Home app may crash when doing so”

Apple iOS Versions Affected With DoorLock Vulnerability:

How To Prevent Apple Devices From DoorLock Vulnerability?

  1. Turn off the HomeKit devices in the control center until Apple releases a fix for DoorLock Vulnerability.
  2. Don’t accept illegit suspicious invitations from unknown or untrusted sources over email.
  3. If you are victimized by the attack, follow these three steps to restore your data from the iCloud:
  1. Launch Control Center settings:




We are here to create awareness about cyber security.

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We are here to create awareness about cyber security.

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